Adinkra Quest is a match-three puzzle video game designed by Mills Media. The game is designed purposely to help players familiarize themselves with the Adinkra Symbols, as well as their plain and symbolic meanings.
The Adinkra symbols as most of us know are symbols best identified with the people of the Asante Region of the Republic of Ghana. The origin of these symbols however is a new story altogether.
The game has a unique story line and graphic scenes which sets it apart from the rest.
It begins with the story of how the Asantes came into contact with the Adrinkra symbols. History has it that originates from GYAAMAN a former territory of Coté D’voire ruled by Nana Kofi Adinkra whose arrest was ordered by Nana Osei Tutu I the king of the Asante Kingdom when he attempted to replicate the Sacred Golden stool held and protected jealously by the people of the Asante Kingdom. It is said that on the day he was arrested, Nana Kofi Adinkra was clothed in the Adinkra cloth which caught the eye of the Asantehene. The Asante’s adopted the symbols and with time they developed a few more of their own in addition.

The player assumes the role of the Prince of the Gyaaman kingdom on a quest to collect and unite all the Adinkra symbols from the craftsmen who fled the kingdom after the king was captured. His main quest however is to locate all the symbols in order to make the most beautiful Adinkra Cloth to coax the Asantehene into granting his father’s freedom and restore the peace and sanity of the Gyaaman kingdom.
In the course of his journey and levels through the game, the Prince meets craftsmen who would hand him one of the Adinkra Symbols at each point in time. Each quest presents its own challenges but the young, strong and courageous Prince has to shoulder every one of them in order to save his father’s life. Adinkra Quest is fun, educative, challenging and very addictive.